Louis’ Truck

                              Louis’ Truck. Acrylic on canvas. 18×24″ SOLD. Louis’ Truck was painted in the mid eighties. It was a second World War vintage Dodge Fargo that we drove by daily. I added the figure to illustrate many a boy’s dream of(…)

Lawn Bowlers

                        Lawn Bowlers. Acrylic on canvas. 24×30″. SOLD. Lawn Bowlers was painted in the late 70’s while I was living in North Vancouver. I used to pass the lawn bowlers on my way to playing tennis.

Janice at New House

                        Janice at Our New House. Acrylic on canvas. 16×20″. Available. Janice at Our New House was painted in 1984, soon after we’d moved into our new house at East Barriere Lake. While the house was habitable, it was far from finished, (the toilet(…)

Gallery of Modern Art, London

                              Museum of Modern Art, London. Acrylic and airbrush on canvas. 24×30″. Private collection. During my trip to London and Paris in 1979 I stopped in at the Museum of Modern Art a couple of times. These actors were on a(…)

Bob’s Cabin

                              Bob’s Cabin. Acrylic on canvas board. 16×20″. Available. Bob’s Cabin was painted in the late 70’s. Bob was the brother of my good friend, Dave Jenneson. We visited his cabin in the Kootenays where, this night, we played poker for(…)

Bitch, Trafalgar Square

                              Bitch, Trafalgar Square. Acrylic and airbrush on canvas. 16×20″. SOLD. Painted upon my return from Europe in 1979, I had been taking pictures around the square when the guy with the pink hair noticed me, producing the perfect sneer for(…)

Cooler in the Shade, Paris

                            Cooler in the Shade, Paris. Acrylic and airbrush on canvas. 24×30″. Available. I was walking around Paris one day in 1979 when I noticed a mother coaxing her reluctant five-year-old to watch the little one in the stroller while she ran(…)