Janice at New House













Janice at Our New House. Acrylic on canvas. 16×20″. Available.

Janice at Our New House was painted in 1984, soon after we’d moved into our new house at East Barriere Lake. While the house was habitable, it was far from finished, (the toilet was the first thing to be installed the day after we moved in – we already had the shower plumbed.) I wanted to see what the house was going to look like finished, thus the painting.

The cat, Puss Puss, came to us the night before we moved to Barriere from North Vancouver. About six weeks old, she had been burned on her paws and her ear. We decided it was a serendipitous meeting – that we could use a cat at our new digs in the country. About two years later Puss Puss was shot by a neighbour when she ventured too close to his chicken house. The 22 caliber bullet went clean through her shoulders and, because we had been away for a couple of days, it had become seriously infected – she couldn’t even stand up. Looking at her wounds and, not knowing what had happened, we thought maybe she’d been attacked and dropped by an eagle. Anyway, we got her to help just in time. The Vet was forced to carve away so much rotten meat from her legs though that, when we saw her, we had very little hope that she’d make a recovery. Her front legs were nothing but stitched skin wrapped around bone. In a remarkably short period though, she did make a full recovery – so much so that it was impossible to tell that anything had ever happened to her. She lived to be twenty years old.

That’s me silhouetted in the window.