Second Beach

This was commissioned by a friend who was employed by the Canadian Coast Guard

Shuswap Summer

My sister and her son recreating at Shuswap Lake, where we met them for an afternoon. This was the first painting where I got to render water to my satisfaction.    


  A friend of mine owned the boat on the right. We used to sail the twenty-nine footer regularly.

Canoe, South Lake

  When we were building our house at East Barriere Lake, I was on a ladder inside trying to make something fit when a chisel fell from my tool belt and went right through the painting. I changed our blue canoe to something more suitable for the painting.

White Tube

  White Tube was painted while we lived at East Barriere Lake, where this old-for-her-age youngster was playing.

Crooked Wharf

  This painting was done from a trip to Fawn Lake on Highway 24 – the Fishing Highway.

Swimming Hole

  In the summer this was a perfect, and warm, swimming hole, right in front of our property on the East Barriere River.

Saskum Lake, Three Graces

  Saskum Lake is the largest painting I’ve ever done. It was a commission for a friend and business associate. I also call it Three Graces, Saskum Lake.

Oregon Coast Sundown

  This painting was done not long after one of our trips to the Oregon Coast.

Whale Tail

  This painting was a commission for people I knew that were moving to Ontario and who wanted a west coast image.