A Barriere Fixture

                        A Barriere Fixture. Acrylic on canvas. 16×20″ Private collection. A Barriere Fixture, the Uppenborns was painted about 2001. It was commissioned by a friend who’s parents are portrayed in the painting. They were a common sight to anyone who lived in Barriere because(…)

Coming Storm

                        Coming Storm. Acrylic on canvas. 18×24″ Private collection. Coming Storm was painted in the early 80’s. The fence was at our rental house in North Vancouver.

From the Residential School

                        From the Residential School, Kamloops. Acrylic on canvas. 18×24″ Available. From the Residential School was painted in 2000. It was the first landscape where I loosened up my style somewhat in an effort to portray atmosphere rather than straight representation.

Arizona Dream

                      Arizona Dream. Acrylic on canvas. 9×12″ Private collection. Arizona Dream was painted around 2000. I had a picture of a similar sky from a recent trip to Arizona and, following a vivid dream, decided to add the teepees.

Montana Highway

                        Montana Highway. Acrylic on canvas. 11×14″ Available. Montana Highway was painted in the mid 90’s. We had just sold our newspaper and decided to take a six-week road trip to Austin, Texas. Janice had just taken over the driving when I snapped a(…)

Lawn Chairs

                    Lawn Chairs. Acrylic on canvas. 11×14″ Private collection. Lawn Chairs was painted in the late 90’s. We had just moved from East Barriere Lake into Barriere and I could see these chairs from my studio when I looked to my neighbour’s yard across the road.

Telegraph Cove

                        Telegraph Cove. Acrylic on canvas. 12×16″ Private collection. Telegraph Cove was painted in the mid 90’s. I had taken a fishing trip to Alert Bay with a couple of friends and we stopped in at Telegraph Cove along the way.

Snow, East Lake Road

                        Snow, East Lake Road. Acrylic on canvas. 12×16″ Private collection. Snow, East Lake Road was painted in the late 80’s. We used to walk from our house to the lake every day. I did several similar snow paintings but I no longer have(…)

White Rabbits, Baldy Mountain

                        White Rabbits, Baldy Mountain. Acrylic on canvas. 18×24′ Private collection. White Rabbits was painted in the early 80’s. Dunn Peaks is in the background. Baldy Mountain is accessible via a very rough four wheel drive road. We’ve made several trips up there over(…)