Mara Moment, Acrylic on canvas, 24×48″ Available

Fire Lake

Secrets From the Silt Cliffs

As the Crow Flies

Another Lenticular Sunday

Rogue Raven & Silt Castle

Climbing Black Tusk

Myself and a couple of friends climbed Black Tusk on BC Day, 1977. Considering my life-long fear of heights it still seems unbelievable to me now.

Sentinel to the Silt Cliffs

Walking amongst the silt cliffs in Kamloops is a favourite pastime. This is the final painting I will have traded with a dentist. I know because I don’t have any more real teeth – I sure have nice implants though.

To the Light

Rain or hail spouts are a common sight  in the Kamloops region. It can be raining everywhere else but Kamloops seldom sees a rainy day.

Afternoon Sun

  A house that I used to walk past daily on the way to where I lived at the time, on 23rd Street in North Van.