Somewhere, South Dakota

Sneaking Up

                            This image is from Horn Lake on Vancouver Island. My brother’s dog was sneaking up on my niece.

Surprise Snow

  Another image I traded with a dentist over the years. This was a scene from our daily walk to the resort at East Barriere Lake.

Cat on a Rail

  I liked the way the cat blended with its’ surroundings.

St. Pauls’ Church

                                                  St. Paul’s is in North Vancouver, where I grew up. I used metallic acrylic to render the metal spires. My mother still has this hanging in her apartment.


  Thoroughbred was a commission from the people that owned this highly strung horse. Getting in the corral with him to get some photos was a little scary.

After the Rain

  The dogs belonged to my former boss. This image is from a waterfront farm he owned on North Pender Island. Going there with him was one of the many perks of that job.


  Another up close and personal image from this time period. Detail and composition.


  I did several images around this time that were up close and personal. Mostly about detail and composition.

The Sanitorium

  The Sanitorium was commissioned by an acquaintance who’s mother was dying of cancer. She wanted her mother to appear strong but she didn’t want the image sugar coated either. I saw her years later and she still lovedĀ  the painting.