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Brockton Point Lighthouse

  I did several paintings of Vancouver after moving to Barriere, partly because they were the images that would sell in big city galleries.

The Sails, Vancouver

  The Sails was done not long after the new building was constructed on the waterfront in Vancouver. I liked the contrast of the old and the new.

Little Johnson Lake

  This painting was done after one of our many visits to the pristine, spring fed waters of Johnson Lake.

Kelly’s New Truck

  This painting was on occasion of my brother, Kelly, buying a new truck. He was enjoying success as a jeweler and goldsmith, evidenced by the expensive ring and watch.


  Kelly was my older brother. He was a sailor, carver, gemologist and goldsmith. Unfortunately he suffered an early death from cancer at the age of 44. I did this portrait the same year as a gift to my dad on his 70th birthday.  

Otters, East Barriere River

Otters, East Barriere River. Acrylic on canvas. 12×16″ Available. strong> Otters was painted in the late 80’s. The East Barriere River ran in front of our house. While the otters never posed for me they did play out there a lot. So did the odd moose and bear.

Oregon Ducks

Oregon Ducks. Acrylic on canvas. 12×16″ Available. Oregon Ducks was painted in 1995. Following the sale of our newspaper we took a trip to Austin, Texas. On our way back we stopped on the Oregon Coast where I took lots of photos and where we visited several outstanding galleries at Cannon Beach. Upon our return(…)

Rainbow Warriors

Rainbow Warriors. Acrylic on canvas. 18×24″ Available. Rainbow Warriors was painted as a kind of personal protest to gallery owners who wanted me to keep painting kids in water. While I didn’t blame them for wanting me to paint what was salable, I had grown weary of the theme. I painted this as a diversion.(…)

Fawn Lake Cabins

Fawn Lake Cabins. Acrylic on canvas. 11×14″ Available. This painting was done in 1999 as a commission for the owner of the resort. She told me to paint whatever I liked as long as it was recognizable as the resort. She hadn’t told her husband about our arrangement though and, when I drove the one(…)

Spilling Over

Spilling Over was the first of a number of images that I did with the image spilling out of a painted frame.                                                                 All(…)