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Bachelor Pad

  The guy pictured has been a good friend for many years. We lived in this rented house with two of my former band mates.

Young Mechanics

  These kids parents are friends of mine. The kids are now fully grown and I actually worked with the one in the driver’s seat. He’s a computer programmer now and we worked on a hi-tech venture that went south.

Sailor’s Son

  This was a commission from the owner of the newspaper that I worked at in North Vancouver. He had a very nice sailboat that I used to get to go on frequently.

Beach Ball

  This was a scene from a trip to Long Beach, Washington. I added the kid and the ball.

Crooked Wharf

  This painting was done from a trip to Fawn Lake on Highway 24 – the Fishing Highway.


This was one of a half dozen paintings I did where the majority of the canvas is a painted border. This was at Johnson lake.

Swimming Hole

  In the summer this was a perfect, and warm, swimming hole, right in front of our property on the East Barriere River.

Saskum Lake, Three Graces

  Saskum Lake is the largest painting I’ve ever done. It was a commission for a friend and business associate. I also call it Three Graces, Saskum Lake.

Oregon Coast Sundown

  This painting was done not long after one of our trips to the Oregon Coast.

Whale Tail

  This painting was a commission for people I knew that were moving to Ontario and who wanted a west coast image.