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Mitchell Ranch

  It was at this point I started making the sky at least as important as the landscape.

Yellow Hills, Knuttsford.

  These hills are just above Kamloops. I donated this one to a Kamloops Art Gallery auction.

Heavy Snow

  We passed this place just about every day on our way into Barriere. The shed pictured was part of the Horne Ranch. I think it was pretty much abandoned at this point in time but I took the liberty of putting lights in the windows

Old Harry

  Eighty-something-year-old, Harry, walked daily from his place up the Yellowhead Highway to downtown Barriere, often to the hotel for a beer, and then home again.

Chu Chua from Darfield

  Fresh snow on the mountains was what first got my attention. Then the village of Chu Chua in the background.

Buckskin Mountain

  Buckskin Mountain is near Parker, Arizona, on the Colorado River. We’ve been there e few times now because the weather is temperate during the winter and there is a lot of natural phenomena to absorb.


  Cookie’s real name was Peter Renshaw. As the father of a band mate he was very generous, co-signing our van and equipment loan and welcoming the whole band to lunch out of the fridge every day during our practices. In the painting he’s dressed for his eldest son’s wedding day. Cookie was a also(…)

Chip Vendor

                                    During the early eighties I was experimenting with air brush. This painting is a combination of airbrush and paint brush.

The Frog

  The Frog was commissioned by friends. She was so intent on that frog.

The Catch

Before we built our house at East Barriere Lake we stayed in an eight-by-twelve foot garden shed. Janice threw a bobber and hook in the river one evening and was very surprised to come out with a trout. The floating ovals and squares are meant to loosely represent the bugs that could be very thick(…)