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Mother Love

  This is my nephew soon after his father was killed, tragically, on the job.


Yancy was the first dog that I owned as an adult.    

Second Beach

This was commissioned by a friend who was employed by the Canadian Coast Guard

Red Setter

Along the Oregon Coast. The dog was accompanied by an owner but I thought the image of the solitary animal was more interesting.

Shuswap Summer

My sister and her son recreating at Shuswap Lake, where we met them for an afternoon. This was the first painting where I got to render water to my satisfaction.    


  A friend of mine owned the boat on the right. We used to sail the twenty-nine footer regularly.

Canoe, South Lake

  When we were building our house at East Barriere Lake, I was on a ladder inside trying to make something fit when a chisel fell from my tool belt and went right through the painting. I changed our blue canoe to something more suitable for the painting.


                                                      This painting evolved from an image I had seen somewhere before. Maybe Iceland?            

White Tube

  White Tube was painted while we lived at East Barriere Lake, where this old-for-her-age youngster was playing.

Shining Rails

  These tracks are visible from the Yellowhead Highway, when driving south at Heffley Creek. On an overcast day, with the light just right, they almost appear to glow.