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  Mary is my former boss’ wife. He generously commissioned me to do several works for him.

The Actress

  This painting is of the actress Mary Stewart Masterson. A friend of mine worked in the movie biz and commissioned me to do this painting where she was checking out her ‘pregnancy’ in the movie set mirror. He gifted it to her.

Hung Up

This was my first acrylic on canvas painting. A bit of an angry young man self portrait, I guess.

Colouring Book

This is another image of our East Barriere Lake neighbour, Michelle.

Spring Flowers

  Michelle was our neighbour at East Barriere Lake. She was five years old in this image but she’s an adult now with children of her own. She’s also an artist.

Olive and Bill

Olive and Bill were parents of one of my best high school friends who also became the bass player in my first band. Olive was a great cook who often invited me for a big Sunday breakfast with their family. Bill would almost always have his glasses taped together, a guitar in his hands and(…)

The Sanitorium

  The Sanitorium was commissioned by an acquaintance who’s mother was dying of cancer. She wanted her mother to appear strong but she didn’t want the image sugar coated either. I saw her years later and she still lovedĀ  the painting.

Self Portrait Driving Taxi

Living as an artist/musician was often less than financially rewarding. I usually had to take a few shits driving taxi when it was rent time.

Smitty at Sea

When I was a starving artist I had several friends that had good paying jobs. A couple of times, when Smitty went to sea, I’d paint or draw something that I thought he’d have a hard time resisting – it worked a couple of times. He later became an award-winning photographer for a Vancouver daily(…)

St. Joseph’s, Chu Chua

We played ball at Chu Chua, a reservation about twenty kilometers north of Barriere on the Dunn Lake Road.