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Sneaking Up

                            This image is from Horn Lake on Vancouver Island. My brother’s dog was sneaking up on my niece.

Surprise Snow

  Another image I traded with a dentist over the years. This was a scene from our daily walk to the resort at East Barriere Lake.

Afternoon Sun

  A house that I used to walk past daily on the way to where I lived at the time, on 23rd Street in North Van.

Barber Pole

I found endless fascination walking Vancouver’s streets looking for images. This one was from the East End, on Hastings Street.

Near Big Bar

A friend owned a fishing camp in BC’s Cariboo. A bunch of us guys from North Van gathered there yearly for fishing, card games, darts, ping pong, skeet shooting, horse shoes, dirt biking, bicycling, drinking and whatever-else-have-you. Currently, the aging guys golf in the Okanagan instead.

Birkenhead Lake

  When Janice and I took a trip to Birkenhead Lake we couldn’t have been more surprised to encounter the evil little terrior, Rufus. He was standing atop a picnic table snarling at us – the same dog that terrorized anybody who came to visit me in Pemberton Heights. This is another image I traded(…)

Winter Branches

  This place was two doors away from where I lived in North Van at the time.

Forest Lake

  I traded this painting with a a dentist – one of many I’ve traded for professional services over the years. Forest Lake is near Barriere and some friends of ours owned the only house on the lake at the time.

Roof Top

This roof top was next door to where I lived at the time, in North Vancouver.    

Yellow Tulip

The yellow tulip was actually a red tulip too. We attended the tulip festival at LaConnor, Washington, on one of our trips to the Oregon Coast.                                                          (…)